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Friday, January 20, 2012


A new rebellion is born. A new movement organized by Sicilian people against its politicians and their laws that is uprising and growing day after day, paralyzing the economy and Sicily everyday's life. No riots yet, but just a pacific invasion of streets and squares that protesters occupied hoping to receive an answer from those who rule. And what happened? Nothing yet, but things can still change.

The newborn "Pitchfork Movement" reunited many villagers and peasants, fishers, farmers, constructors, truckers and those who have no job. Supermarkets are empty, Gas stations are closed, shops do not receive furniture because at the main ports of entrance people blocked the passages, as well as trains are stopped on railroads. So, no more fish or bread in the market, no more gas at the gas station. Students renounce to go to schools to help the workers into this revolt, everybody is united, trying to get back their dignity. What will happen? Italian medias are trying not to show images of this rebellion on National TVs to avoid a possible uprising rebellion of other Italian regions. Please share this article if you read it.

 Besides that it is important you know what is happening. Sicily rebellion against a political Mafia is on. Politician are trying to do their best to kill people's dreams of living a serene life. These people do no ask more. The want to work and pay the taxes they are required to pay, but not more than that. There is no reason to take advantage of poor people. Why is always the working class to pay?

 The anger of the protesters is directed to the government who is progressively rising the prices, especially on gasoline ( 50 cents of Euro higher than a few years ago). On the streets you can breath air of revolt, and slogans are appearing in every city showing their dissent. One of them caught my attention: "Death to the Politicians". It reminds me the "Vespri Siciliani" (Sicilian Vespers), a rebellion that started around 1282 in Sicily against the rule of the French in Sicily. AND THEY WON IT. Maybe it will be the right time to win against this Italian politic that is bring the country into a serious depression. The strikes will not stop, and every day more people are supporting them. The revolt is on! 


  1. Mafia guides this "rebellion". Mafia is hidden, but rules everything in Sicily. This isn't a rebellion, but this is a way to control the island, the enterpises, companies, market. Peppe pays attention, please.

  2. Frate, I honestly think that whoever is guiding this, is doing for Sicily's good, otherwise you would not see all these people in the streets. In this case, maybe people would prefer to accept the real mafia than the political mafia. However, I believe they are fighting for a good cause. Don't you think so?

  3. Man, to be honest with you.. i LOVE the fact that the towns people can unite like this.. in my country, Trinidad< the prices raise and continue to raise . and no one says anything. Like some products raise because the price of flour raises.. but when the price of flour drops.. the products continue to raise... If only we had united and said we would stop it.. maybe we could have gotten results..

  4. Noooo there isn's mafia in this movemente , there is only the anger of million of people that they havent their rights!

  5. Why is this not on CNN/BBCworld?

  6. Sicilians do not want their rights, they want to steal. Sicilian Forconis are a very criminal action.

  7. La Mafia è una montagna di merda.
    Mafia is a shit mountain. Real mafia or political mafia is shit.
    Remember it, frate and mafious anonymous.